RSM 600/900/1200

Net Stuffing Machines

Made from high quality stainless steel, with pneumatic controls giving a wide range of loading speeds, and easy filling into elastic nets or intestine casings, this machine provides efficient, cost effective solutions for a range of products from simple roasting nets to heavy ham nets.

Made completely of non-rusting stainless steel

Robust and stable construction

Electro-pneumatic operation

Adjustable stroke speeds

Reliable and requires little maintenance

Safety certified

Easy to clean and use

Filling shaper inserts available from 80-200mm

Available as a tabletop model or with wheeled base with and without meat shelf.



Standard Features include:


Optional film dispenser for preparing film and net (only available for RSM 900 / 1200 models; tube diameter 80-120mm)

Raff-fix net gather

For gathering pull-on nets

Ideal when kits if netting needs to be gathered.

Can be used with all standard net tubes sizes.


Capacity: 2,900 loops/hour

Motor: 0.37kW

Motor brake: 24V/DC

Connection: 230/400v, 50Hz

Control Circuit: 24V/DC low voltage



Chamber: 300mm

Tube length-net: 300mm

Tube length-ribbed: 300mm

Tube diameter: 70-200mm



Chamber: 400mm

Tube length-net: 500mm

Tube length-ribbed: 500mm

Tube diameter: 70-200mm



Chamber: 850mm

Tube length-net: 350mm

Tube length-ribbed: 350mm

Tube diameter: 70-200mm