Schad E85-2

Loop Knotting Machine

High quality and performance loop knotting machine for the butcher’s trade and meat industry.

A cost-effective machine for hanging pieces of meat. With the option of the smoking rod system it is possible to hang directly onto the smoke stick.

Standard Features include:

Powerful puncturing force through tough products such as rind and legs.

No surface coating of needle or risk of any residues in meat products

Robust and stable construction

Reliable and requires little maintenance

Safety certified

Easy to clean and use

High machine productivity

Option of higher needle position for thicker products

Selection of 4 needle diameters for optimum alignment to specific products.

Twine in various colours and strengths


Capacity: 2,900 loops/hour

Motor: 0.37kW

Motor brake: 24V/DC

Connection: 230/400v, 50Hz

Control Circuit: 24V/DC low voltage

Accessory options include:

Budget smoking rod attachment

Pig trotters spreading device

Standard smoking rod attachment

Pneumatic loop extension for loops up to 22cm

Ergonomic smoking rod attachment