The greatest benefit of quality is total peace of mind.


The products that Food Pro offer have been selected from a wide range of options for one simple reason…they offer the very best value for money for businesses who want equipment they can rely on.

From the world leader in separator technology, Food Pro has the know-how to meet a range of applications from pulp and juice production, to de-packaging and de-sinewing and so much more.


Food Pro knows and understands the needs of the Butcher’s trade and meat industry, with the ability to adapt available technology to meet a range of outputs.


From fully automated machines for large processing plants to table top tying machines for boutique users, Food Pro has the solutions that won’t leave you in knots.


If you need quality slicing machines that are specifically engineered for the efficient slicing of chicken breast fillets, Food Pro has the answers.


As part of their commitment to ensuring that every client gains the full benefit of their equipment, Food Pro is able to provide the finest specialist twine supplies that enable your equipment to perform to its full potential, adding to the bottom line of your business.