If your business relies on quality, affordable twine, you’re in the right place.

In order for any equipment to reach its maximum potential all components need to work together seamlessly; the equipment and the twine.


Foodpro's twine has been designed to to be used with our equipment, and is the result of decades of research and development with end users and twine manufactures. This in turn has given us twine of the highest machinable quality which we can provide to our customers at very competitive pricing.


Our range includes both elasticated twine and non elastic twines. We stock a large variety of solid colours and colour combinations and can also provide any specialised  colour combination.


Different colours can be used for the identification of special promotions, flavour, free range, organic or even species identification, giving you the advantage to stand out from your competitors.


Experience has shown that when service along with the supply of high quality twine are combined that this results in the total realization of a machines full potential, thus giving greater profits to your business.

World’s best meat tying systems and looping machines.


Elasticised and non-elasticised


Stock colours: Red, White, Blue, Green & Red/White.


A range of gauges that provide optimal production capacities




Same day despatch on stock lines


Custom orders available tailored to your colour scheme and tying needs.


BRC and HACCP approved



When you combine the very best consumables with machinery that was created with your businesses’ bottom line in mind, the future begins to look very promising indeed. That’s why Food Pro is here to help.