Separation Technology


Baader are world leaders in separator technology. They produce a range of machines to suit a large range of throughputs from de-sinewing, pulp, and juice production, to de-packaging of packaged goods.


Baader spend 12% of their turn-over on research and development, ensuring the most innovative solutions for a range of refining processes.



Baader 607

Continuous processing of the largest quantities, optional touch panel with 20 programmable variables. Features chain support system which provides significant increase in belt life and reduced mechanical load.


Baader 601

This highly efficient soft separator has a small footprint, but big benefits in time, waste reduction and output.


Baader 600

Compact, hygienic stainless steel construction. User-friendly – easy to clean and operate with high end quality / gentle product processing.


Advance soft separator machine engineered for durability. With a primary and secondary belt ensuring even application of pressure, resulting in increased belt life, greater through put and minimal maintenance.


Baader 605


With high output and minimal maintenance, this compact machine delivers results. It comes with a range of customisations allowing easy adaption to a range of processing systems.


Baader 604


World’s best meat tying systems and looping machines.

When you combine the very best consumables with machinery that was created with your businesses’ bottom line in mind, the future begins to look very promising indeed. That’s why Food Pro is here to help.

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