Baader 600

Separator Machine

Compact, hygienic stainless steel construction. User-friendly – easy to clean and operate with high end quality / gentle product processing.  Comes with heavy duty castors for easy machine handling.


Adaptable to a wide variety of raw product refinement from:

De-sinewing of meat and poultry,

Fish mince from trimmings, standard fillets, collar bones, bones etc.

Puree and juice production from fruits and vegetables.

De-packaging of small packages.

Standard Features include:

User-friendly, ergonomic machine system

Highest hygiene and safety standards

Pressure system ensures gentle product processing and reduced machine wear

Approved for USDA, employer’s liability insurance(BG) and CE-certified

Heavy duty castors for easy machine handling


Power  1.5 kW

230 kg

Hole diameter; 1.3mm, 2mm, 3mm & 5mm