A history in processing and a reputation for excellence.

When Michael Weninger first established Food Pro in 1996, not only had he already been working in the meat industry for a decade, he was able to call on three generations of experience in the food industry of Europe and Australia that extended back to 1913.


Having worked with some of Australia’s most respected names in meat and smallgoods, Michael’s family developed an in-depth knowledge of the best suppliers of food processing equipment from across the world, often using them to develop their own unique solutions that set new standards for the industry.

Sourcing only the finest precision machinery from the USA, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Germany, Food Pro has earned a reputation as a trusted supplier throughout the Australian food processing industry.



Food Pro’s extensive experience in sourcing and maintaining the best food processing equipment from around the world makes a real difference to the bottom line of each of their clients.


When it comes to providing state-of-the-art equipment that keeps your business performing at its best, Food Pro are great people to have by your side.


Food Pro understands the importance of backing up their equipment with service of the highest quality. Whether you need on-site service, staff training or even just help on the phone, your business can rely on Food Pro for the best results at all times.



I’m Michael Weninger, and I started Food Pro back in 1996 with the aim of providing Australia’s food processors with a reliable source of top quality processing machinery and supplies.

My family has been involved in the food business since 1913 when my grandfather was born into a farming family in Austria. After completing his butcher’s apprenticeship and master’s certificate in Vienna, he opened his own business and developed a real interest in improving the traditional meat products that his country of birth was well known for.


My father followed in his footsteps, becoming an apprentice at 14. He further developed his skills in Holland as part of an exchange program, and developed a strong interest in the production of hams and smallgoods.


After migrating to Australia, my father worked with several of the biggest names in Australia’s meat and smallgoods industry before setting up in business for himself, employing up to 45 people. It was during this time that he recognised the lack of available processing equipment in this country, and began importing it from Europe as well as developing his own mechanised solutions.

It is this long-term dedication to sourcing and developing the very best in food processing technology that drove me to set up Food Pro in the first place, and that drives me to constantly improve the equipment and service we provide today.


I hope that we can be of assistance to you and your business in the future.



Michael Weninger